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Graphite 2 E - FPV converting

May 21, 2017 [1:22PM]   502 views#1
Graphite 2 E - FPV converting
MarkTannersville, PA USA
Graphite 2 is not the best soarer, it is a bit fast but it has great penetration and fair L/D ratio.
Adding an FPV to Graphite should make it easier to hold a thermal and more fun to fly.
With 2.4 GHz radio a 1.3 GHz FPV should be a good choice but onboard Mushroom antenna is a huge contraption.
A new Singularity 1.3 GHz antenna by TrueRC of Canada is small enough making it attractive choice for high performance gliders.
My idea is to install FPV Tx and antenna on a tail boom in a sleek enclosures and hide all wiring under electric tape.
I will post my progress here.
Toro 1m DLG glider
May 31, 2017 [11:53PM]#2
MarkTannersville, PA USA
Working on antenna attachable box that will look good (at least it should reduce air resistance). Simple silicone mold did not work, so I had to take a longer route of making a epoxy mold.
Already bagged two parts in a vacuum bag and complete part should be done Tomorrow.
June 9, 2017 [9:17PM]#3
MarkTannersville, PA USA
FInally had time to put together all parts.
Hitec Aurora 9 radio with Optima 9ch Rx
Eagle Tree's Vector Flight Controller + OSD
FatShark 1.3GHz, 250 mW FPV Tx

Pictures of FPV Tx and and antenna setup:
June 14, 2017 [11:04PM]#4
MarkTannesville, PA USA
Flew the glider Today with FPV working and Vector flight controller.
The problem appeared in a first seconds of unpowered flight. Vector was turning the motor every few seconds engaging an RTH mode as Rx was losing the signal. A few times Vector took over for 5-7 seconds bringing it home.
My guess would be that radio Rx is too close to the FPV Tx and one Rx antenna is right under the FPV Tx in a fuselage while the other antenna is in a wing.
I've been losing control every few seconds and landed safely.
Vector's log file full of lines like this: "Failsafe Triggered. Missing Rx Pulses". It reads Throttle position in FailSafe mode.
Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll be able to fix the issue.
December 28, 2017 [10:27PM]#5
MarkTannersville, PA USA
Update: After moving RC antennas to the front signal loss went away.
I made two flights and tried Return to Home mode. Glider flew great back home but when it was trying to loiter - it banked hard and put a nose down about 30 degrees. All very fast I had to switch mode to normal RC to recover.
Other than that FPV worked great and Fly-by-Wire mode worked very good.
Enjoy a couple of pictures we took in flight!

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